Natalia Andreadis, mother of Panda (8 yr old Akita)

“I just had to get in touch to share Panda's latest kidney results. In what must either be a miracle or some kind of mistake, her kidneys have gone from Stage 2 Kidney Disease to normal! In the words of our vet: "They are great bloods and urine test results, definitely a reason to be excited! It is not common to see such a good improvement, it can happen if kidney disease is caught early before the animal is unwell but it is not common, normally we are hoping to maintain the values so it is great to see such good results."Her Urea is now 5.8 and Creatinine 116 (down from 170.4!) - both well within normal range. All I've done since her last test is switch her to Heaven and Earth, and add some homeopathic kidney drops (with dandelion root etc). So I simply cannot thank you enough! Rockster is performing miracles!”