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Sonya Sandford, mother of Rosie (10yr old Airedale)

July 28, 2016

"Rosie is a different dog. My son who sees her often asked what had happened to her and I thought he meant in a bad way but then he said she is like a puppy, how she used to be years back. He asked what's with all the playing? I then told him I had changed her diet to Rockster and told him your story. We cannot believe the change in her. She is 10 by the way bad time for me as my other dogs have all gone before they reached 11. She also had hip displasia and fir the first year of her life she went for swimming therapy twice a week. She trots and skips and to see her at meal times is a joy she turns round and round in circles! She now gets upstairs without bunny hopping."

*Please note sections of this testimonial have been blocked out, due to regulations which prevent showing any text relating to health claims.

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Trilbey Gordon, mother of Axl

October 07, 2019

I was sceptical but Axl devoured it - like it was a filet mignon! I have never seen him enjoy anything like that before...


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Dr Judy Morgan DVM, CVA, CVCP, CVFT, world renowned author, speaker, and holistic US veterinarian

October 01, 2019

“Rockster is something that could be life changing”

“A lot of you cook using my recipes because you do not have this option right now”

“This is a Company that are not willing to compromise their standards” “I applaud you!”

“This is not going to be the cheapest food on the shelf but what you are getting is something that we have all been looking for...”


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His Royal Highness PRINCE MICHAEL OF KENT, GCVO President of The Kennel Club

September 11, 2019

Having been a dog lover all my life and also the owner of a rescue Labrador, I am well aware of the responsibility we have to care for the wellbeing of our dogs, and to look for improvements where we can.

One such avenue is the role that nutrition can play in preventing canine disease and improving their quality of life. This is as true for our pets as it is for us, and it is good to see...

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