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Why Rockster?

At Rockster we believe in the power of natural food to preserve and restore health, and consider the gut a vital organ to be nurtured. We believe in superfoods, prebiotics, and the absolute right to know EXACTLY what we put into our bodies. DOGS ARE NO DIFFERENT! That's why we've developed products for dogs that are life-enhancing in every way.

Our Philosophy

Rockster products use bio-organic meat that is more than simply human grade, from animals certified to be free from exposure to chemicals antibiotics, steroids, and growth hormones. Our Superfood for Dogs has more than 80% meat content, using only muscle meat and vital inner organs. No other parts of the animal and no meat paste are used in our foods.

Our Philosophy

Rockster products are enhanced with bio-organic superfoods, which are added in careful combinations and meaningful quantities to make a real difference to your dog’s health as well as making Rockster naturally tasty for dogs.

Our Philosophy

Our bio-certification guarantees the quality and purity of our ingredients and also what the ingredients have eaten or been exposed to. It ensures none of our ingredients have been compromised, there is no risk of contamination in the production process, and that no ingredients deemed unfit for human consumption are used in our products.

Our Philosophy

All Rockster products are prebiotic as they contain fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate. This powerful superfood is a rich source of inulin which, aside from being a proven prebiotic also for dogs, aids digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as being a powerful aid to liver detoxification.

Our Philosophy


  • Peter and Georgina, parents of Bryan (5yr old French Bulldog)

    "Ever since discovering Rockster a year ago, his life has truly been enhanced and we can't wait to feed him with your new range of mouth watering meals. Bryan is a local celebrity and everyone living here comments on his personality and shiny fur - for which we think Rockster superfood and a million walks a day are responsible for! Thank you for investing so much of your time and energy in producing this wonderful product."

    - Peter and Georgina, parents of Bryan (5yr old French Bulldog)

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  • Mary Hall, owner of and the My Dog Rocks Hotel in London

    "I am blown away by the miracles I have personally seen brought about by Rockster Superfood. Not only have I witnessed a complete transformation in their appearance, mobility and vitality levels, I have seen real ‘before’ and ‘after’ medical test results which are staggering and attributable directly to this food. You are what you eat applies for dogs too and the cost is justified by having longer with your dog…"

    - Mary Hall, owner of and the My Dog Rocks Hotel in London

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  • Dr. Thierry Bedossa, One of France's Most Respected Vets

    "Besides improvements on the state of the skin and hair, Rockster food seems to have a positive effect on the vitality of dogs. Even difficult eaters find their ideal menu with the choice of recipes. Rockster food has had other beneficial effects against the following disorders: Renal problems, Stomach problems, Colitis, PancreatitisWeight problems, Metabolic problems, Lethargy, Urinary tract infections and Behavioural issues."

    - Dr. Thierry Bedossa, One of France's Most Respected Vets

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  • Russ Kane, father of Harper and Ebony (Mini-Schnauzers)

    "Did they like Rockster food? I didn’t even have to wash their dog bowls!  A big thank you ‘woof’ from Ebony & Harper..."

    - Russ Kane, father of Harper and Ebony (Mini-Schnauzers)

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  • The Princess zu Furstenberg, mother of Feli and Olga (4yr old Pugs)

    "Super, super, super!! Rockster not only tastes good, but also smells good to the human nose!"

    - The Princess zu Furstenberg, mother of Feli and Olga (4yr old Pugs)

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  • Merijn Mazzocchi Schellekens, mother of Alfie

    "I am writing to you to say a big thank you as Rockster has indeed transformed our 3 year old cocker spaniel Alfie, who was actually perfectly healthy apart from frequent stomach upsets... Alfie is currently only fed on Rockster only and is trimmer, fitter and much more active... I am telling everyone about it as we have become fans of Rockster."

    - Merijn Mazzocchi Schellekens, mother of Alfie

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  • Elke Geysen, mother of Zappa

    "What is in the can smells so nice!! I never saw him eating so fast - all gone it was so tasty! He only reacts in the same way to Bolognese sauce! I like it that the food is not too wet and it smells quite good. My husband even said shall he taste it! It is convenient as well as we normally cook every day for the dog..."

    - Elke Geysen, mother of Zappa

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  • Ellie, mother of Tess

    "Two weeks ago I thought I was going to lose my Staffie Miss Tess, then I started her on Rockster and she has sprung back! I cannot begin to tell you the difference. She literally licks the bowl clean!! With every meal now. Thank you for developing the most incredible food! I thought she was on her last legs literally a couple of weeks ago and she is now still with us! I cannot thank you enough. Every day extra with this lady is a bonus!"

    - Ellie, mother of Tess

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  • Nathalie Crouch, mother of Harry

    "My dog Harry absolutely loves the food. He is an extremely fussy eater and I was amazed at his very positive reaction - within minutes he'd devoured everything and wanted more. We have tried every premium dog food going and he refuses to eat any of it - wet or dry. He eats our food, mostly chicken breast, pork and beef, but he skilfully leaves any vegetables I try to mix in. So the Rockster Superfood is a God send for us - thank you so much"

    - Nathalie Crouch, mother of Harry

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  • Roz Fisher, mother of Meggie and Bertie

    "Rockster has a pleasing aroma too; I usually dislike the smell of canned dog food, and there are no nasty surprises in the contents as it is being spooned out. I'm so pleased to have found Rockster, so pleased that someone cared enough to develop these meals."

    - Roz Fisher, mother of Meggie and Bertie

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  • Kay Ryan, mother of Trixie

    "2 weeks in to only Rockster food she is a changed dog. Her manic behaviour has stopped, she's a contented quiet rather than an ill quiet and it is clear this food has settled her. She has not had any usual episodes of colic/upset stomach so we can only hope that her problems have settled down. She's still really loving the food and we've noticed her fur is now so soft and silky."

    - Kay Ryan, mother of Trixie

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