Hailed as “more than just food” Rockster is the only bio-organic dog food in the world that is certified as a superfood in its own right, having truly rocked the world of many dogs. Acknowledged as the “best of the best” from Europe it offers the dog owner the ability to feed the highest calibre of complete and balanced organic food to their dog without having to cook and source the ingredients themselves or take up room in their freezer.

Only the finest muscle-meat and vital inner organs of animals raised without use of antibiotics, adjuvant growth hormones and steroids are used in a combination perfectly mimicking the ancestral diet of dogs. Meaningful levels of a variety of bio-organic superfoods are added in specific combinations to optimise their nutritional benefits. The food has rocked the world of many dogs, including the most picky of eaters, and is like nothing dogs have ever tasted before! Rockster Superfood is suitable for dogs with allergies due to its genuinely single protein formula, and absence of any harmful chemicals, allergens, cereals or gluten.

Meat Sources: The food uses only the highest quality certified ingredients, certified as organic (the Venison is Wild and Lamb is Grass Fed), and has an ethically sourced meat content of more than 80% combining muscle meat and inner organs mimicking the ancestral diet of dogs. The meat used is ethically & humanely raised and free from any exposure to antibiotics, adjuvant growth hormones or steroids. 

Superfoods: GMO free organic nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables grown without exposure to chemicals or pesticides are added rather than fillers. Many of these “superfoods” have been used to support life in many cultures for years. Due to their being certified bio-organic the raw ingredients used in Rockster recipes have an increased nutrient density vs non organic sources. 

Recipes: Each recipe has been meticulously formulated with up to 87% meat content and specific combinations of nutrients coming from plant based sources resulting in optimum Omega fatty acid ratios and very high levels of antioxidants. These superfoods are included sufficient quantities to make them delicious as well as life-enhancing in every way for dogs. They are not just marketing gimmicks.

Manufacturing Process: The raw ingredients are cooked only once, without any exposure to oxygen. Rockster canned products are gently steamed from raw in the BPA free can at minimum permitted temperatures for 2 hrs until the centre of each can reaches 121 degrees Celsius retaining nutrient value due to lack of oxidisation. Most canned pet foods are cooked (often processed multiple times) and then sterilised in the can for shorter periods at very high temperatures. The anaerobic manufacturing process means that no artificial preservatives are required. No water is added at any stage during the manufacturing process.

Transparency: Rockster declares 100% of the ingredients and the exact percentage of each ingredient used including which part of the animal.

Independently Certified: Rockster is certified as bio-organic in Germany under the most stringent organic regulations that exist in the world today. There is a ZERO tolerance for any use of antibiotics or pesticides of any kind. Both the ingredients and manufacturing process are certified to ensure zero risk of contamination with feed-grade ingredients or foods exposed to prohibited substances. All recipes are 100% GMO free and 4 recipes are USDA organic.

Yes. Every recipe is complete and balanced and has been subject to rigorous analysis.  Every recipe meets the AAFCO guidelines for complete and balanced for Adult Maintenance and “A Fisherman’s Dream” and “Duck a la Royale” are complete and balanced for All Life Stages (excluding large breed puppies – these are puppies that will grow to be more than 30kg).  Due to the quantity of “superfoods” it is not necessary to feed additional daily supplements to healthy dogs, nor add dry mixers. However, Rockster can also be used in combination with dry foods to enhance the nutritional value and palatability of the meal, as well as being given as your dog’s weekend treat.  The food can also be used in conjunction with a home cooked diet to mitigate potential nutrient deficiencies.  The antioxidant and fatty acid profile of Rockster – as well as nutritious moisture content can very successfully be used as a topper to kibble.

It is very difficult to make properly complete and balanced meals at home.  Whilst dogs are facultative carnivores, there is evidence to suggest they thrive and benefit from the dietary inclusion of plant based foods. Rockster recipes contain fruit and vegetables which provide vital phytonutrients and microbiome supporting prebiotics including inulin.

Rockster establishes an entirely new standard of dog food not only in calibre of ingredients but in natural dog nutrition. So much so, that it is the first dog food in the world to have been classified as a “Superfood for Dogs” in its own right by the former chair of the Nutrition Committee of the German Pet Food Confederation.

Specifically, Rockster has been classified a superfood due to the combination of antibiotic free meat with nutrient dense fruits and vegetables and the natural prebiotic effect of the fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate.

The Meat:

Rockster recipes contain up to 87% of certified bio-organic* meat raised without exposure to pesticides, antibiotics, adjuvant growth hormone and steroids.  Only the muscle meat and specific vital inner organs are used – NO OTHER PART OF THE ANIMAL AND NO CRUCIALLY NO MEAT PASTE. That is important because the quality of the meat is actually a big deal and we can guarantee nothing harmful or undesirable went into even the ingredients of the ingredients. We can also 100% guarantee that each recipe is single protein, crucial for preventing and coping with allergies. Animals have been raised humanely and are certified to have only been fed biologically approved feed or grass. The nutrient profile of this meat is higher than non-Organic sources it also is much more palatable and dogs go crazy for it!


Superfoods are natural plant foods with an elevated nutrient content versus grains or the humble white potato. A food naturally packed with antioxidants and other nutrients will always be preferable to delivering them chemically. All plants, fruits or vegetables in every Rockster recipe are certified to have grown free from exposure to harmful chemicals and pesticides in the regulation in Germany by 3 different regulators. When we say we contain superfoods, we really do include them in sufficient qualities to really make a difference. It is not for marketing gimmicks. Importantly each recipe has been carefully designed so they work together to enhance the potency of the nutrients within the superfoods. As a result the ANTIOXIDANT VALUE of Rockster is believed to be one the highest in the world of any commercial pet food. Our formulas average at over 2000 antioxidant units (ORAC value)*.  This is up to 20 times normal pet foods. Inulin is a prebiotic indigestible fiber which increases nutrient absorption as well as engendering the growth of microbes in the gut to preserve a healthy gut “microbiome”. Rockster recipes contain no grains, gluten or artificial preservatives. Rockster recipes are all prebiotic. Importantly each recipe contains fermented Jerusalem artichoke, which is a rich source of inulin. Aside from being a proven prebiotic for dogs, inulin optimises the ability of the short digestion process of the dog to absorb nutrients, as well as nurturing the microbes in the gut microbiome. The dog eats the high levels of plant based superfoods in a way many might reject in home cooking – the taste of the completely natural muscle and organs mean they do not pick and choose the ingredients. It would be impossible to replicate sourcing these ingredients in supermarkets and very difficult (and time consuming!) to try and cook the recipes at home.

Production Process:

Certified by LACON, ABCERT and the Organic Food Federation four recipes are USDA organic and all are GMO free. Importantly this ensures there is zero risk of contamination from materials that have been exposed to chemicals, antibiotics or anything nasty. Nutrients are preserved through gentle poaching from raw in the can which not only destroys harmful bacteria prevalent in raw food, but enable dogs to absorb the nutrients in the vegetables. They can’t do that if they are raw. The anaerobic cooking process ensures no exposure to oxygen (and therefore oxidisation of the nutrients during the cooking or freezing process).

They will also LOVE the completely natural taste and, after all, eating should be one of a dog’s great pleasures in life!

Some experts believe that it is the antioxidant content of Rockster food that has helped to support The Rockster living such a long and healthy life.

Toxins, chemicals, pollutants, nutritional deficiencies and stress are all known contributors to the formation of cellular free radicals in the body; antioxidants neutralise those free radicals. When the balance of pro-oxidant, free radicals and antioxidants in the body is off, problems begin to start. Rockster foods contain vastly more antioxidant rich content than you would expect to find in a pet food, averaging at over 2000 units. This is due to our unique recipes containing organic fruits and vegetables such as; Lingonberries, Cranberries, Seabuckthorn berries, Mango, Blueberries, Spinach and Jerusalem Artichoke. Alongside bio and organic meat sources, our food is certified free of the very chemicals and toxins which ultimately lead to free radical formation. Rockster antioxidant content is estimated from the ORAC values (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of our raw ingredients.  They are expressed as µmol/TE (micromoles trolox equivalents).

Omega fatty acids 3 and 6 are considered essential, as humans and dogs do not produce them. They Influence cell synthesis and inflammatory processes. Omega-3 acids carry many health benefits, primarily pertaining to their anti-inflammatory nature. Omega 6 acids (mainly linoleic acid) found in animal and vegetable fats are pro-inflammatory; essential for many cellular processes, however, abundance can lead to inflammation in the body, potentially resulting in negative health consequences. It is purported that the optimal Omega 6:3 dietary ratio is below 10:1, with a level of 5:1 being considered excellent. However, some pet food diets have a ratio of 20:1 and above! Rockster formulas average at the ideal ratio of 5:1

YES this is true for a Rockster can!! Due to harvesting, storage methods and time, the nutrients in fresh and frozen foods can be lost to air oxidisation and environmental conditions. Rockster ingredients are harvested at peak times and gently steamed in air-tight cans, locking in the nutrients without exposure to any oxygen (anaerobic cooking). Crucially this means the food is ONLY cooked once and no artificial preservatives are needed. The food is cooked at lower temperatures than most pet foods, for longer – similar to sous vide and we ensure the centre of the can reaches 121 degrees.  The can is also certified to 100% BPA free.

Our raw ingredients are also of higher nutritional value due to their organic nature.  This is because exposure to toxins such as pesticides results in a lower nutrient profile.

Prebiotics are a special form of dietary fiber that is not digestible which fuel the growth of probiotics and other beneficial gut micro-organisms as they ferment in the gut.  These micro-organisms are essential to the gut microbiome which is now acknowledged worldwide as important to general health and the immune system. Our recipes contain numerous sources of prebiotics most specifically Fermented Jerusalem Artichoke which is one of the richest sources of inulin (an indigestible fiber); fruit and vegetables such as Pumpkin and Spinach are also good sources of prebiotics.

Our food is made in Bavaria, Germany in a Bio-certified and family owned private facility. Rockster is produced in batches and the whole production line is cleaned prior to any Rockster production. Most of our ingredients are sourced from sustainable farmers in Europe with some exceptions such as Green-lipped mussel and the Grass Fed lamb originate from New Zealand.

Yes, we believe in absolute transparency, our full ingredients are listed in proportional percentages adding up to 100%.  We also disclose the exact % of the part of the animal used. Detailed descriptions of all our ingredients can be found on our website.

Recipes are cooked from raw, anaerobically in BPA free cans, at lower temperatures and for lesser times than many other forms of pet food processing. Allowing for improved nutrient retention.

The Duck a la Royale (Taste of Paris) and A Fisherman’s Dream (Taste of Napoli) are great for puppies excluding large breed puppies (over 70lbs or more as an adult dog). This is due to the AAFCO Minimum Requirements for Calcium.

Yes. Amounts differ according to size and exercise levels.

Yes, each recipe is free from grains, gluten, chemicals and preservatives.  Quinoa is a seed, not a grain.

No, and nor has any animal used in Rockster recipes been fed such materials.

Rockster food is gently poached inside the can to ensure the nutrients are preserved whilst all the harmful bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella are destroyed, making the food safe for humans and dogs.  Some bacteria such as e-coli is not harmful to dogs, despite it causing a stress on their organs.  However, it will exist in their faeces for up to 7 days and is potentially harmful to any young or elderly in the same household.  Many raw vegetables are indigestible to dogs, unlike humans, prohibiting them from absorbing fully the nutrients they can offer.

If someone tries to sell you a certified bio-organic filet steak for £1 in a supermarket wouldn’t you wonder whether something was wrong?  In a world where everyone says their food is “natural” and “human-grade”, but the price is so low, their claims are just not credible.  We really know what truly certified ingredients cost – it’s not that we are making any more margin. 

Hopefully our price should give you some reassurance that Rockster really contains the best quality ingredients money can buy.

We itemise 100% of everything that is in the food and believe that both transparency and traceability is important.  It’s amazing how in some cases we contain more than 5000% of the superfoods others claim for marketing purposes.

Also a cheaper food is often a false economy.  Since the meat content of Rockster food is higher, you will need to feed your dog less food to meet their dietary requirements.  Please see the feeding calculator for an estimate of quantities needed.

The high levels of superfood ingredients reduce the need to give a healthy dog additional nutrition supplements.

Yes – Rockster foods can be used in addition to dry/processed, home-cooked, raw and other wet diets.

MANY EXPERTS BELIEVE THAT IT IS ESSENTIAL TO ADD FRESH OR A HIGH QUALITY WET FOOD TO A KIBBLE FOOD to avoid chronic dehydration, as dogs need moisture in their diet to maintain healthy kidneys.  Dogs are supposed to have at least 60% moisture in their diet - dry foods contain only 8%-10%.

This is evidenced by clinical research studies as well as research on what a dog’s biologically appropriate diet should be.  Rockster can very effectively be used as a topper or addition to dry foods/kibble to increase the nutritional content and add much needed moisture to the meal. 

The opened can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days so for example a ¼ of a can could be used as a topper to each meal.

Rockster can easily be interchanged with a home cooked, raw or fresh diet and easily used as an alternative these diets when travelling or when it is not convenient to cook at home.

If you or your client would like to know precisely how much of each food is required to meet their dog’s exact calorific requirements, Rockster has an online calculator to make this easier.  The process is as follows:

Using the calculator on www.therockster.com/onlinecalculator, and take a note of your dog’s daily calorific requirement Look up the calorific content per gram of the foods you intend to mix. Rockster calorific content is available on this site product pages. Depending on the desired mixing amounts, calculate the calories for both foods. Adjust depending on daily calorific requirements

Mixing: Example 1: DRY DIETS

For a 10kg dog with a low activity level, the daily calorific requirement is 534 calories per day

Mixing a Dry food containing 356kcal per 100g (example) with Rockster- Fishermans Dream, containing 492kcal per 400g can.

Mix ½ a can (246kcal) with 80g dry food (288kcal) = 531kcal  OR 1/3 can (164kcal) with 100g dry food = 520kcal. Gram measurements can be adjusted to reach 534 calories exactly if required.

*For gastro-sensitive dogs it is recommended to use the same protein for both foods.  For example; a Salmon based dry food with Fishermans Dream.

Mixing: Example 2: RAW DIETS

For the same 10kg dog with a requirement of 534 calories per day.

Mixing a Raw diet/food containing 153kcal per 100g(example) with Rockster – Bouef Du Cap containing 468kcal per 400g can.

Mix ½ a can (234kcal) with 200g raw food (306kcal) = 540kcal  OR 1/3 can (156kcal) with 250g raw food (382 kcal) = 538kcal. Gram measurements can be adjusted to reach 534 calories exactly if required.

*For gastro-sensitive dogs it is recommended to use the same protein for both foods.  For example; a Beef based raw food with Bouef Du Cap.

Mixing Example 3: Cooked/Raw/Fresh

For the same 10kg dog with a requirement of 534 calories per day.

Mixing a Cooked diet/food containing 200kcal per 100g(example) with Rockster – Sunday Roast containing 380kcal per 400g can.

Mix ½ a can (190kcal) with 170g cooked food (340kcal) = 530kcal  OR 1/3 can (127kcal) with 200g cooked food (400kcal) = 527kcal. Gram measurements can be adjusted to reach 534 calories exactly if required.

*For gastro-sensitive dogs it is recommended to use the same protein for both foods.  For example; a Lamb based cooked food with Sunday Roast

Although an immediate switch to Rockster should not cause any gastro-sensitivity for most dogs being fed a raw, home cooked or other canned food, we recommend a slower transition if in doubt.

In all cases of solely dry or kibble fed dogs we recommend the following transition:

Start adding 1 tablespoon of Rockster into each meal whilst subtracting 1 tablespoon of current diet. Over a one week period, transition gradually from 1 tablespoon to 100% Rockster or desired, continual mixing amount.

Owners should not change abruptly from a dry diet to a purely wet diet.  If your dog has been only on a wet food diet it is possible to change more quickly.  Always ensure fresh water is available.

There is a feeding calculator on www.therockster.com which is calorie based and specific to each recipe.  In general dogs require 2%-4% of their bodyweight per day.  Most dogs would be classified as “low activity” unless they are working dogs or having more than 3 hours of exercise per day.  The metabolism of dogs vary considerably and overweight dogs require portions to be reduced.

Many dogs have food sensitivities, if the sensitivity is to grain ingredients, you can rest assured that our products do not contain grain. If the sensitivity is to a particular meat protein, it is advisable that you feed single protein products containing alternative meat proteins. Our grass/bio-organic fed animal-meat sources are formulated in single protein recipes (see single protein FAQ), for this very reason. Many pet parents experience less sensitivity with Rockster products, due to our stringent, organic production process and the absence of cheap fillers, cereal and gluten. Overall, Rockster products carry a lower potential allergen content than most other pet foods.

Rockster recipes are single protein formulas, containing muscle meat and offal content from the same species of animal. This lessens the risk of digestive and allergy issues related to specific meat proteins.  We also have recipes with novel proteins such as Duck and Venison.

Yes. Pet Industry Consultants have certified the description of Rockster as a “Superfood for Dogs”.  Our process as well as ingredients are certified Organic by Lacon, ABCert & the Organic Food Federation.  German Bio-organic certification has some of the most stringent “Bio” regulations in the world. Four recipes are certified USDA Organic and all recipes are GMO Free.  All recipes are certified by the Organic Food Federation.

Yes, prior to making the food available to other dogs, a trial was conducted by Goddard Veterinary Group on dogs varying in size from great danes through to miniature dogs in 2015.  100% positive results in palatability and overall improvement in the condition of the dogs was noticed.

Due to regulatory restrictions we are not able to publish specific health claims from third party testimonials these can be found on our customer’s own  social media feeds.  We have however published many testimonials which show that Rockster has been life enhancing to many dogs.

100% of dogs described as “difficult” eaters have been enthusiastic consumers of Rockster.

The Rockster himself solely eats Rockster, and his Pupsters (RJ and Heartster) have eaten Rockster all their life.

There have been cases where dogs fed solely commercial processed food prior to Rockster initially experienced a “detoxification” period with enhanced flatulence, and in 1 case (Labrador, 11 years) experienced temporary bad breath which subsided after 2 weeks.  After 1 month the dog was a picture of health. One other recorded side-effect was a dog, transitioned too quickly, initially experiencing 2 days of diarrhoea, but this was followed by normal bowel movements.  We would strongly encourage anyone introducing Rockster into their dog’s diets to follow our transitioning guidelines.

100% of the ingredients are itemised and accounted for.  A detailed description of each ingredient and its nutrient profile on dogs is given on 'Our Ingredients' page.

Sunday Roast in Europe is made with Milk Thistle oil.  This is not a permitted pet food ingredient by AAFCO so it has been substituted with Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the US recipe.

We use the highest quality organic ingredients and no waste material, meat paste or mechanically reclaimed meats are used in any Rockster recipe. Despite not using any “feed-grade” ingredients we do NOT make the claim in the US in any way that Rockster is “Human-Grade”.  Under AAFCO rules, “Human grade” does not only apply to the ingredients but also the food must be produced in a facility that only makes food fit for human consumption.  Rockster is made for the consumption of dogs in an organic certified registered pet food facility and is not for human consumption.

Yes - Rockster has “Super Treats” which are the same recipes but gently air-dried rather than extruded.

Each recipe tracks the real life journey of The Rockster from Naples, Italy across Europe after he was rescued. Each recipe name has a connection to that place:

A Taste of Napoli:  A Fisherman’s Dream – we believe The Rockster came from the back streets of Naples and would have probably survived by finding fish from the port (he loves fish!)

A Taste of Cap d’Antibes: Boeuf du Cap – After cancelling their honeymoon in Italy, Zoe & Sven drove to the Hotel du Cap in the South of France where the hotel brought him beef for his first breakfast

A Taste of Salzburg: Sound of Game - Salzburg is the famous location of the Sound of Music film with Julie Andrews.  It was also where Zoe & Sven married before finding him on their honeymoon and where they spent their first Christmas with The Rockster.  The Wild Venison is from the region of Salzburg.

A Taste of St Moritz: Chickenrella – St Moritz is probably The Rockster’s favourite place in the world and Chantarella is a special place he goes for walks.  His story is also like that of a Canine Cinderella.

A Taste of Paris: Duck a la Royale – The Rockster has often been during his drives across Europe back to London. A la Royale is a signature French cuisine as is Duck.

A Taste of London: Sunday Roast – after 7 years in Europe The Rockster Family settled to life in London, where it is traditional to have a Sunday Roast, most notably Lamb!