Why Rockster Superfood?

At Rockster we believe our dogs ROCK, and what they eat is the single most important decision they trust us to make. We also believe in the natural powers of superfoods and their real health benefits, also for dogs.

Our food is more than just an ultra-premium dog food; it is the world’s first genuine life-enhancing superfood for dogs. Not just in the sense of their health, but also in their love of food - one of their great pleasures in life!

Rockster Superfood

Rockster Superfood establishes a new standard in calibre of ingredients, dog nutrition, and natural palatability.

Each recipe has been made with an optimised combination of fresh human grade muscle meat, vital inner organs, and powerful bio-organic superfoods designed to make them delicious as well as life-enhancing in every way for dogs. The food uses only human grade organic and bio-organic ingredients, free from any contamination and exposure to chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones, and steroids.

Superfood ingredients, which include spirulina, quinoa, sweet potatoes, seabuckthorn, lingonberries, spirulina, cranberries, chia seeds and green-lipped mussels, are used instead of fillers such as grains, rice or lentils. They are added in specific combinations to maximise the natural nutritional content of the food and to optimise the health of dog, with each recipe developed to address particular health issues that afflict dogs.

All of our superfoods are genuinely single protein formulas, and additive, grain, and gluten free. They are also prebiotic due to the inclusion of 0.5% Fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate, which is a powerful superfood packed with inulin, helping to detoxify the liver as well as aiding digestion and the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.

It is a complete wet food for dogs of all sizes and breeds over 7 months old. Ideally it is fed uniquely, however Rockster can also be added at mealtimes to enhance the palatability and nutritional value of a dry food, or given as a weekend treat!

Rockster Superfood

The Rockster food is gently poached, mirroring the sous-vide cooking method of Michelin starred chefs to ensure the preservation of nutrients and flavour whilst eliminating bacteria prevalent in raw meat.

The result is the ultimate complete wet superfood for adult dogs that is as delicious as it is nutritious. The food tastes like no other that your dog will have tried, and it will nurture your dog’s body rather than set it to work processing the antibiotics, chemicals, and allergens.

The Rockster himself (the much loved rescue dog for whom our superfood was originally created, and the world’s fussiest eater!) attended every tasting. With every flavour he ran to the Rockster recipe in a test where there was a choice of over 50 of the world’s “best” dog foods. However what has been extraordinary is his renewed zest for life and a clear improvement in his mobility, eyesight, coat and overall health. No-one who meets him can believe he is over 16 years old!

The world's first classified “superfood for dogs” has already transformed the health and life of The Rockster and many other dogs. It can rock your dog’s life too…