King's Story

A must see for all dog lovers who care what they are feeding their pet…

King is a 2 year old Shar Pei who was diagnosed with acute kidney failure brought on by Shar Pei Fever in August. A blood analysis and second opinion confirmed the diagnosis. He had not eaten in 5 days and was refusing all food.

His owners were advised to put King to sleep.

It was at this point King’s owners were told about Rockster Superfood and were amazed when King immediately ate a can of “Heaven & Earth”. Over the course of the next 2 months King ate only Rockster Superfood, without any supplements or medication. He went from strength to strength. His appetite returned, his discharge & conjunctivitis disappeared and his skin and fur looked healthier than ever before.

Amazingly, on 12th October his bloods were retaken and showed a 73.5% reduction in his creatinine levels and his phosphate levels had gone from over 5.2 to normal.  

King’s story was a miracle due to Rockster Superfood! King is definitely planning on staying on this Earth for a lot longer!

Quite remarkable! Thank you Rockster.

(Fiona and Alan, King’s owners)