Jaime Simpson, parent of Echo and Everest (@embracingecho)

"My dogs absolutely adore The Rockster food. After just a short time, their coats are brighter, healthier, and GROWING during their usual shedding season. In fact, they are not shedding nearly as much since changing their diet. Their skin is healthier. My golden retriever’s “allergies” disappeared. His hot spots went away and he no longer has dry skin. Both of my dogs eyes are brighter and less runny. They are much more hydrated. To my surprise, their focus during training has increased exponentially. They have much more energy and at the same time they are actually CALMER. Physically, they could exercise forever these days but mentally, they know how to slow down and focus on what they are doing. It’s amazing! I grew up diagnosed with dog allergies. I had shots for years to decrease them. I still reacted to my own dogs daily as an adult but since feeding Rockster, I rarely ever have the sniffles and watery eyes around them. This is an effect I didn’t even think was possible; especially from simply changing their diet. I’m so so glad we found the marvellous Rockster. It is truly life altering and enhancing!"

Jaime Simpson, @embracingecho