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Rockster (UK) - They say that 'behind every invention, there's a story.' The Rockster story, however, is a perfect example of an incident where a dog enters your life and changes everything.

The founders of Rockster (Zoe and Sven Ley) rescued a dying dog from the steps of La Conca del Sogno, south of Naples during their honeymoon in May 2004. They named him Rockster and started their journey as a family together. The name came from 'Rock' from Rocky Agusta (who was with them on that fateful day) and 'ster' from Monster (Sven's nickname).  When Rockster became old and started showing signs of aging, the couple started feeding him the 'food' that restored his wellbeing and potentially extended his life. Thus, the first real super food for dogs - Rockster was born.

Carefully formulated with the highest quality bio-meat and a variety of real superfood ingredients, Rockster food is ideal for dogs.