I'm a Daddy!

Wonderful Breaking News: Despite his age, The Rockster has fathered 4 healthy and beautiful Puppies!! 

Official: Rockster Superfood reaches the Parts Other Dog Foods Can’t Reach…! 

We are very excited to share the news that The Rockster has, despite all odds fathered 4 wonderful puppies with his beloved Rabbit….We are so happy that Mum and Pups are doing brilliantly! 

It is unheard of for a dog over 16 to have managed to have 1 puppy, let alone 4 so we could barely contain our excitement when Rabbit naturally delivered four exquisite and perfectly healthy puppies during the night of 31st August. 

Rabbit was also fed Rockster superfood throughout her pregnancy and her health throughout has been remarkable.  Rabbit’s owner, Janey Jackdaw has had considerable experience with mums and their pups has been amazed by Rabbit’s condition both during her pregnancy and post the birth.