Why is Rockster the perfect solution during COVID19 Pandemic

Junior Hudson explains why Rockster provides the perfect dietary solution for your dog during, and after, this unprecedented crisis.

Many pet parents who feed raw or fresh diets are concerned that their dog won't receive the perceived nutritional benefits of these diets during the COVID-19 crisis, due to sourcing or storage issues, and are desperate for a natural alternative.  Rockster however provides shelf stable (no refrigeration or freezing required), minimally processed, nutrient dense food of the highest quality in a can which can also be used as a topper on dry foods.  It really is possible to have the very best natural food delivered in a BPA free environmentally friendly can!  So much so that it has been hailed as “more than just food” and used by those who want only the best of the best for their dogs, including those who used to feed raw or freshly cooked diets.

All Rockster Superfood recipes contain over 80% Bio Organic or wild, single protein meat, organs, vegetables & fruit with an organic prebiotic. Our minimal processing technique involves only raw ingredients (no pre-processed ingredients), cooked once at minimal temperatures in a sealed can. This process maximises the nutrient retention of our unique mix of bio-organic ingredients, whilst ensuring shelf stability, without the use of artificial preservatives.  Many believe this sous-vide cooking from raw not only naturally enhances the taste of the fresh ingredients but also can lead to higher nutrient levels than frozen food.  The natural antioxidant levels are up to 20 times higher than any other commercial pet food.

Many are also understandably worried about going to the supermarkets or pet store and most of us are all now confined to our homes and many need home delivery.  The COVID19 pandemic has already caused huge delays in home grocery deliveries which means often when a product is in stock there are no delivery slots.  Many would also rather not feed the food stocked in the supermarkets to their dog and we are here to help!  Our delivery network remains intact and will remain so during this period in the UK when we are hoping as best as possible to ensure delivery in 1-2 working days!

Throughout potentially 12-18 months of uncertain times, a stock of Rockster Superfood provides up to 2 years of certainty on the shelf and the Super Treats really do rock their world too!  Neither require any refrigeration and will not take up any valuable space in your freezer or fridge.

This is a stressful time and for many dogs are now their sole companion, providing companionship and a source of love and affection.  Investing in your dog’s health and wellbeing has never been more important to not only enhance their lives in every way but to hopefully avoid unnecessary trips to the vet.

The Rockster himself is now over 21 years old and whilst there is little that can be done about him being confined to indoors with only one walk a day, it is a joy to see how much he still loves his very special food!

Stay safe, well and healthy too during the weeks and months ahead.  Keep calm and hug your dog!

Rockster are here to help if you are concerned about your dog’s diet during the COVID-19 crisis.

For more information on why Rockster is such a special food for your dog and how it started please visit: www.therockster.com where orders can be made online and delivered straight to your door!