Ellie, mother of Tess

"Two weeks ago I thought I was going to lose my Staffie Miss Tess, then I started her on Rockster and she has sprung back! I cannot begin to tell you the difference. She literally licks the bowl clean!! With every meal now.

Tess is a rescue. We got her two years ago from Battersea Dogs Home. My first ever dog. She has changed my life! She was 10 when we got her and had two big operations when she arrived at Battersea. A really bad ear infection, they had to give her a new ear hole. She also has some cists removed from her stomach. She has very bad kidney failure.

A couple of weeks back she developed a very bad urine infection. The vet had to give her very strong antibiotics to fight the infection. She took them for two weeks (it was meant to be for four weeks) but they made her sick every day…. after two weeks on them I took her off them as she was so weak from being so sick. Her legs couldn’t really hold her up. Anyway, we did a urine test and she had fought the infection! Waggin Tails in Chelsea told me about your food. For the past two weeks she has been on a tin of Heaven and Earth a day. Half for breakfast and half for dinner. I cannot begin to tell you the difference. She literally licks the bowl clean!!!! With every meal now.

I went and got a load more. I tried a selection of the Boeuf du Cap and the Birds of a Feather. We fed her Boeuf last night and this morning. Worried that the boeuf might be as bit heavier on her stomach but she ate it all!

Thank you for developing the most incredible food! I thought she was on her last legs literally a couple of weeks ago and she is now still with us! I cannot thank you enough. Every day extra with this lady is a bonus!"