Michael Treadway, Gresham, Oregon

Back in November 2017, I adopted a precious disabled pitbull mix named Reba. She was found in a homeless camp, frail and afflicted with a neurological condition that affected her mobility. Her ability to walk was limited to about 10 feet before needing a break, and, according to the specialists, she would never be able to run.

Determined to provide her with the best care, I gave her high-quality food, and her strength and overall health improved. In April 2018, my girlfriend returned from the UK with a suitcase of Rockster. Although I had reservations, I gave her Rockster, twice a day, and within a month, she underwent a remarkable transformation. Her eyes were no longer droopy, her dandruff was gone and her coat was soft and shiny.

Within two months, she could walk an entire block without needing a break, and after three months, she astounded us all by bounding around with joyful bunny hops. Rockster turned out to be not just the best, but the sole food capable of unlocking a life for Reba that exceeded our wildest dreams. Although she has passed away recently, I am forever grateful to Rockster for granting her the opportunity to experience the absolute best life possible.